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Supporting WHEA's Growth

WHEA operates within the Hawaii Ocean Science & Technology (HOST) Park, utilizing innovative practices like net-zero operations and utilizing cold deep-sea water for various purposes. However, as a charter school, WHEA faces unique funding challenges. The Explorations Foundation is here to bridge that gap.

Our Goals for the Year

Green Spaces for Comfort

We aim to create more shaded and aesthetically pleasing green areas around the campus, enhancing the learning environment's comfort and beauty. With Hawaii's warm climate, providing shade is essential for creating a conducive atmosphere for outdoor learning.

Outdoor Class
Smiling in a Food Truck

Food Trailer for Learning

We aspire to assist WHEA in acquiring its own food trailer, enabling students to engage in cooking and preparing meals using produce from the existing agricultural gardens. This initiative will not only offer practical culinary experiences but also ensure that all students have access to nutritious meals.

Supporting Underprivileged Students

The Explorations Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that all students have equal access to quality education and meals. We hope to subsidize the cost of school lunches, lab fees and supplies for underprivileged students, promoting inclusivity and healthy nutrition.

Lunch Bags
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